Monday, October 4, 2010

Dear Diary, today I...

I don't normally write about the things that I have done, mostly because I don't want to sound too 'Dear diary, today I blah blah blah, boring boring boring'. But I have had such a fabulous few weekends that I just had to share! (the fact that both weekends were long weekends made them that little bit sweeter, I have to admit). I also have no idea how to put photos nicely into blogs so here are photos from my weekends just shoved haphazardly here, there and everywhere..

Last weekend I went to Nightfest at Floriade with Joel and my friend Mel. For those that don't know what Floriade is (basically anyone who doesn't have the same postcode as me), it's an annual flower festival in Canberra. It's really lovely. There are handmade markets, art displays, and an amazing tulip exhibition (the flowers are arranged to create pictures). We went on Sunday night (hence the term 'Nightfest'..lame I know) and it was so beautiful. The whole park is lit up and in one section they hung colourful umbrellas from all the trees and placed a lightbulb in each. It didn't really work in the photos, but it felt like we were walking through Wonderland. We spent the night browsing the markets, going on the Ferris Wheel,  having a picnic of brie, crackers, strawberries and grapes while watching the outdoor movie (Up), then watching a pretty terrible stand-up comic who made me laugh harder than if he had actually been funny. 

On Monday I had to do a belly dance performance at Floriade. Now, I am terrified of performing. I hate every second of it. But I did promise myself I would do more things that I was scared of and this was a perfect candidate. I was so scared of messing up in front of everyone. But I went on stage and guess what? 

I did. I completely messed up one of the dances. But..I survived and all that really happened was my pride got a little bruised. It turns out that it's really not that important. So I went back on stage, faced another fear and danced at the front. And I had a great time. It was still a pretty shameful effort on my part and I wish I'd spent more time practicing, but we all had fun. Life lesson learned.

As it was me and Joel's 4 year anniversary we spent the rest of the day walking among the flowers and eating ice cream, before going home to watch a documentary and eat Turkish bread and dip. It wasn't the fanciest anniversary we've ever had but it was definitely one of the nicest. Sometimes the simplest things can be perfect. 

On Friday night I went for drinks with a girl from college and her friend (who I went to high school with, Canberra is just too small!) . We never really talked at school but met again recently and got along really well. It was really fun, she's such an upbeat positive person. She was telling me about how she got a tattoo that says 'fearless' because she sometimes lets fear get the best of her. Now every time she is too scared to do something she remembers her tattoo and faces her fear because she has to live up to it. I thought that was really inspirational.

That night I also went to the Canberra short film festival, which was a really good experience. There were some really great films. And some really awful ones. But it was a good night. 

This weekend has been fantastic in that I have done almost nothing. I haven't had a weekend like this for.. well I can't remember the last time I had a weekend like this. I have just eaten junk food, read, and watched horribly trashy television that I am too ashamed to say the name of. But it was just so nice to have a break for a while and recharge. 

We managed to get out of the house briefly yesterday and go to out for tea. We stopped past the lolly shop, which is amazing. It has every kind of sweet you can imagine from every different country. I am a huge fan of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups so I was in heaven. Hence the ridiculous consumption of junk food both yesterday and today. The tea shop that we went to is probably the most wonderful place in the world. They have over 200 different kind of tea. 200! I had strawberries & champagne tea, which was the best tea I have ever had in my life. We also got homemade dutch pancakes. And there was a jazz band playing. If there was a heaven that would have been it. 

I have just realised how mind-numbingly dull this post was. I apologise. And it did get a bit 'dear diary', didn't it? But hey, nothing like a bit of self-absorbed ramblings about the humdrum aspects of my life every once in a while!

 If you feel like joining me please tell me all about your weekend because I would love to hear about it :)


Katie Bee said...

You are lovely xoxo

It was so very good to see you!!! We should definetely meet up again when i get back and do something totally fun and fearless! PS. I'm proud of you and you fear facing dance performance.

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

My boss just returned from Floriade, she said it was amazing!

x Jasmine

Gracie said...

Thanks for your comment!! Sounds like you have been busy. It sounds really lovely. And good on you for facing your fear ;) Good life lesson.

becky said...

I wouldn't call this humdrum! Thankyou for sharing a little more of your life with us. (And also kudos on facing your fears. I, too, am guilty of not doing it enough and I suspect a lot of people are. But you are taking it one step further and rather inspiringly making measures to face them. I commend you for that).

Brandi said...

Your weekend sounds so lovely! Good for you getting up on stage and performing. I know that it can be scary and hard sometimes (especially dancing I feel), but once I start performing, I usually forget to be afraid. And I would have loved to see all those umbrellas lit up -- it sounds perfectly magical.
My weekend disappeared quickly: I went to the farmer's market, had tea with some friends, went out to one part of town for one of their "Walkabout" nights. And read for school. Lots. All in all, a nice weekend.
Hope you have a lovely week!

Krystal said...

your pics are so fun! And I would love to go to a film festival someday!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Thank you so much guys! Haha I'm scared of a lot of things so it's easy for me to find fears to face :p Your weekend sounds so fun Brandi!! I definitely should have done some reading for school too but I'm sadly back in holiday mode..

Alyssa said...

oh my gosh its already floriade!? i really really realllllllllly wanted to go this year!!!

nice work on facing your fear - belly dancing in public, you should get a medal for that! :)