Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There is nothing like a bit of fresh air

One thing I have really been missing since I moved out is a backyard. Lying in green grass, surrounded by flowers, bees buzzing overhead. Watching the clouds pass and maybe having a nap in the sunshine.

Not that I did that often. Which is a shame. But that's usually the way. You don't know what you've got til it's gone etc. etc. insert similar, equally overused quotation here.

But it really has been a positive too. Because I have become so much more eager to be outdoors. I have started to take any opportunity to go for walks, sit in the sunshine, read a book in the park. And it's great. I feel so much healthier. And have more energy. And enthusiasm for life.
All because of a little fresh air.

It made me realise how much we're missing out on by spending so much of our lives indoors. We work in offices, lock ourselves away, rarely venture out if the weather drops below 18 degrees (Celsius!). Sit in front on tv and ignore life.

So this summer, due to the lack of backyard, I am going to view the world as my backyard instead (I just read that back.. too lame perhaps? Yes much too lame. Oh well!).

I will soak up as much sun and life as possible. And get a herb garden. And eat my breakfast outside. And dream in the sunshine.

So thank you 'backyardless' apartment, I owe you one :)

ps. I have realise how a few of my posts now have become about grievances..and it got me thinking. I'm 22 years old, healthy and happy. I don't have time for grievances. Not until I'm old and crotchety (I kid! I hope..).
But seriously, time for a new outlook, time to throw away old annoyances and enjoy the good things. Hello Christmas and herb gardens!

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ellecupcake said...

I feel the same! I'm from the desert (las vegas) and I have always hated the heat. I never went out to enjoy it enough. Now that I am living in freezing cold New Zealand, any lovely sunny day, I make sure to take the chance to get out and enjoy it!

Mimi said...

that is soooo true! i need to take some time and go for a walk, appreciate nature. gotta find a place to do that here in LA though. ;)

<3, Mimi

karman said...

I love reading a book in the park somehow it makes me connect to it better and breakfast in the sunshine sounds fantastic!!!
yay for happiness filled post :)

Krystal said...

I do feel much better after spending time outside, you're so right.

Brandi said...

Don't worry too much about having grievances. Sometimes being unhappy is a good thing -- it leads us to change things, not just for ourselves but for other people too.

But I'm with you on spending more time outdoors. It's hard because I'm away with school stuff so often that when I get home, I usually want to spend my time cooking or with my cats (they need love and snuggles too).

becky said...

Living in the northern hemisphere, this post confused me so much! Haha. I get it now. I started walking a lot more last summer and I have to say, it helped SO much. Every time I was grumpy or crotchety or had had an emotional argument, it felt like walking gave me strength and a smile. I really SAW nature more than I had done before and, what's more, I really appreciated it. I sure hope you have a lovely summer and a wonderful, wonderful Christmas! (I am so excited right now!)

Katie Bee said...

How funny! I have just re discovered how wonderful it is to just laze in the backyard with a trashy magazine and the company of my dogs!

We totally have to organise a catch up btw!??

Sara Louise said...

Good for you! Enjoy the sun :-)

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Great post!
I will be happy about painting my chair and Hanukkah!

ag. said...

I don't have a backyard either and can't wait til I do again! But there is a large park just a short walk from my apartment and I do take advantage of it whenever the sun is shining. It so does make me appreciate the outdoors more!

becky said...

I notice you are out of the blogosphere for a while (I say a while, it has only been a week but things seem to move so fast online!) Anyway, I sure hope you are keeping well! x