Saturday, August 28, 2010

My winter blues have turned sunshine yellow.

I used to hate winter. Every time the season changed my mood would change with it. I never felt like myself until the cherry blossoms came out and the weather warmed, warming my heart along with it. At the end of last winter I decided I needed to make a change, learn to love all of life, not just the parts that were easy for me. And so this winter I changed my whole outlook on the season. I started venturing out as often as possible, going to cafes or pubs with friends and sitting by fireplaces. I started to take walks and enjoy the feeling of the crisp winter air in the mornings. I watched the season change, and learned to appreciate all of the little things I had never noticed before. The trees becoming bare, and looking so romantic against the sunset. The frost transforming the world, every leaf and blade of grass covered in tiny diamonds.
Now, though it's not my favourite season, I have learned to love winter.
I love the big cozy jackets and jumpers, the tights and boots, the scarves and old 1940's style hats. I love drinking tea or hot chocolate curled up under a million blankets. I love feeling my nose tingle and my cheeks turn pink as I walk gloved hand in gloved hand with Joel. And I love sitting in pubs with friends, drinking cider and watching the rain. Now I can't wait until next winter to do it all again.

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