Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve has come at last

It is officially Christmas Eve. My life is now officially complete once again.

I mean, I love life and all..but usually it just feels like I'm killing time until Christmas rolls around once more.* I love Christmas. In case I have not mentioned that before. Love it. So much in fact that if it had proposed to me at the same time Joel did...I may have chosen Christmas. Sorry buddy. Nothing personal.

I was not in such high spirits this morning. Why, you ask? Because *drum roll* was a cloudy day. This may not mean anything to you, but due to the fact that Canberra has been in a severe drought for the last 10 years, Christmas Eve has always been lovely and sunny. We sit outside, wear summer dresses (this is optional for the guys), soak up the sunshine, and eat until we feel sick. THAT is Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve does NOT involve carrying an umbrella, sitting inside and wearing a jacket.


And I was angry. God I was angry. The world had turned it's back on me.

I was all ready to get my anger out 'road-rage' style (because I am a young awkward looking girl who keeps to the speed limit and still has her P-Plates on - not because I'm on my P's but because I'm too lazy to take them off; people think it's ok to tail-gate me and cut in front of me. Then I get to beep the horn and yell. It's a good system).

But today people were exceptionally polite. It may have been because it's Christmas Eve. Or it may have been because inside my car was presents, a Santa Hat, and a 22 year old woman in Christmas earrings muttering angrily to herself and glaring at everyone. You don't mess with that.

But as you can see, my mood has changed for the better. Because all of the things I love about Christmas are still there, regardless of the weather. Which should have been obvious in the first place. But have I mentioned an aversion to change?

As the day went on, I saw that people were smiling more, were more cheerful than usual. Everything seemed just that little bit sweeter.

I love how the Christmas spirit seems to get in everyone, even the oldest and most disheartened of us. I love how people wish each other well, and genuinely mean it, which is something that can't be said about any other time of the year.

I love the time spent with family, and the silly little traditions.

I love the food, and the gorgeous sparkly decorations. I love driving around looking at Christmas lights. I even love tacky Christmas music. Not for the music itself. But because it reminds me of the feeling of Christmas.

Mostly I love how the whole country comes together and indulges in this silly festival with all it's heart. We buy the trees and snowmen decorations, even though it's (usually) 30 degrees celsius. Most of what we do doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

But THAT is what so magical about it. We all become kids again. And we do these silly little things simply to make ourselves and the people around us smile. We don't gain anything but a little bit of happiness. Which to me is worth all the money in the world.

LASTLY (I do so love to save the best for last): I love our REAL Christmas Tree. When I was little we always used to have a real tree. Until my 7th Christmas. I will always remember the day when my parents brought home a fake Christmas tree. Coincidentally, that was also the day a small part of me died. From that moment on, I vowed that the first Christmas I had out of home I would have a real Christmas tree. And after a large amount of bargaining and threatening, I got one. And it is wonderful. The smell of pine fills the whole house. And the 7 year me is as happy as any 7 year old can be.

It is all of these reasons, and so many more, that make Christmas the very best time of the year.

ps. My cats have nothing to do with the post. But they do look rather sweet, right?

*this may be an exaggeration. But exaggeration is what makes life so interesting!


Mimi said...

i think it would be great to experience having a warm and sunny christmas for a change. ;) i hope you have a very merry christmas! :D

<3, Mimi

Indie.Tea said...

Its always cold here for Christmas. I can't imagine a warm Christmas involving sun dresses. I hope your Christmas is more joyful than the eve.

Meher S B said...

Warm christmas? Can't even think about it. We're in our jackets during christmas. But christmas is fun, especailly how bright the streets look. The cats look so cute. The one with the red ribbon looks all decked up for the festival.

Chelsea Lane said...

we all become kids at christmas <3 my christmas is going to be rainy and lukewarm! ;)


Brandi said...

Your cats are adorable -- however you got a bow around the one, I'm impressed. None of my cats will allow me to do that. Happy Christmas, Kaylia. I'm sorry you didn't get sunshine yesterday but that was just a little detail right? I only wish we could bottle the Christmas spirit and give it out so people could feel it and embody it all year long.

Mary Grace said...

It's also been rainy here in my town since the holidays began. I kinda love and hate it. Merry Christmas!

becky said...

It makes me happy that you love Christmas as much as I do. And those cats of yours are simply precious!

Bonnie said...

I lovelovelovelove Christmas because I am a five year-old girl at heart who catches snowflakes on her tongue, gets excited about Santa Claus, and begins listening to Christmas music two weeks before Thanksgiving -- IN NOVEMBER.


Kimbirdy said...

aw! hahaha! this is an awesome post and so full of truth. i'm glad you still had the joys of christmas even with the poor weather, your kitties are adorable, fake christmas trees make me sad, and i hope you had the BEST christmas weekend ever! and now... happy new year's!!