Wednesday, September 22, 2010

thunderstorms and rainbows

I read an article in the newspaper a while back about the amazing imagination that children have. The incredible way they see the world. The woman writing the article had a daughter who used weather to describe her moods. For example she would say she felt 'thunderstorm' or 'rainbows'.

I think this is perfect. I never feel as if words like 'sad' or 'ecstatic' can ever come even close to covering how you are feeling. But thunderstorms and rainbows? Now that's the way to describe things!

Today I am feeling sun-showery. How are you feeling?


Brandi said...

Right now, I'm a bit overcast, but I think that'll get better once I have some breakfast in me. Breakfast always helps.
(I love this way of describing feelings.)

Miss clean shirt said...

I agree happy just doesn't cover some days... And then there are days tropical storm comes much closer to describing my mood. Great post!