Monday, September 19, 2011

A Monday Gratitude List

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on my last post! I am all better now thanks to lots of sunshine, good food and wonderful friends (including you guys!). Because I am much too hyped up after a fantastic weekend and the excitement that warm weather and dress-wearing brings, I thought I’d write a little 'gratitude/what has been going on in my life these last few months’ list, rather than anything that requires too much concentration!

Things I am grateful for:

-warm weather! (in case I have talked about that enough...)
-tea dates with lovely people
-housewarmings and dress-up parties
-Europe in exactly three months from today!!!!
-Becoming a permanent staff writer for lip
-having a short story accepted into the annual anthology FourW (out in November, so excited!)
-my Masters course at my amazing new university
-family BBQs and that fact that they are becoming a weekly tradition
-my dog recovering from his leg surgery much faster than expected. He is now back to his happy, lovely self J
-being a bit silly with my savings and buying a Halloween costume and a one-piece 1950s swimsuit (I’m forever practical...)
-applying for a job as a Santa’s helper in the mall. Fingers crossed!
-getting into the NSW Finals of Miss Pinup Australia (it’s very silly and very cheesecake; filled with lots of petticoats, pretty dresses, and crazy hairstyles)
-The decision to save for a coffee shop with my sister and our friend (who is an accountant, which is very lucky for us!) So hopefully in less than two years we’ll have our own little business!
-exclamation marks!! (obviously!!!)
-date nights with lots of food and silly movies
-Canberra having their very first Christmas markets this December
-having tomorrow off with Joel (he’s had to work a lot of hours these last few weeks, so I am so glad to have him to myself for a whole day!)
-having five pieces of cake over four days. Impressive, yes?

Now enough about me! What wonderful things have been going on in your lives?


Kari said...

So glad you're feeling better. I'd love to be Santa's helper at the mall! My fingers are crossed for you!

nancy said...

:O :O :O!! you've got so much to be excited for! congratulations on all the much-deserved accolades for your writing - you must be very proud of yourself!

being santa's helper would be AWESOME!... but NOT as awesome as running your own business! there is nothing I'd love more than to run a little coffeeshop/bookstore with people I love... that's my ultimate dream! congratulations to you, and I'm glad your world is so happy!

Hazel said...

Aww this is lovely, tis good to see you smiling again! :)

cricketfreak said...

Hey I love your blog, followed :D

ellie's desk said...

That's great you are feeling better. Loving the fall temps here. Its great snuggling weeather.

lucy and sarah said...

So love the update. Been watching DVDs this weekend. Rainy here. Great that you are feeling better.

Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

wow this all sounds incredible and exciting and wonderful!! good for you and good luck with all your plns and dreams to come... xoxo ps cake- go you! :)

Norwegian Señorita said...

Gratitude lists are so good to do, and your is great! Whereabouts in Europe are you going in exactly 3 months from today? :)

kimbirdy said...

oh wow! it sounds like your life is so full of ... well, LIFE right now! :) that's awesome. congrats on all the wonderful, beautiful things happening for you. you deserve it all.

Aquí said...

Congrats on the writing position! Thats so exciting! I think tea dates sound lovely! I'm grateful for the stay of warm weather, I don't function well in the cold.

Ashley said...

So what's lip?? Do tell :)

Gratitude lists are my importante! I'm thinking I should create one of my own today!

Deidre said...

Happy to hear you're feeling better! Being Santa's helper could be fun but exhausting! Running around after the little people (not elves...CHILDREN).

We better see pictures if you're a pin up is all I am saying :)

Autumn said...

I am grateful to...
have a job.
have a loving husband.
like the children I work with.
believe in something that gives me strength.
have healthy body even though I am trying to push it a lot more exercising which is something it is not used to.

SJ said...

that is a fantastic list! a permanent staff writer? that is fantastic news!

and that's awesome about the cafe, i'll definite come and have a coffee when it opens :)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

That's a seriously impressive gratitude list. And now I want to make myself some cake. Hope you're thoroughly enjoying the start of your summer!

Love said...

lovely list! and lovely you:)

becky said...

You are wonderful. Truly!

So many great things to be thankful for--but what I especially love about your list is that they are your own doing: they are YOUR achievements and YOUR reasons of celebration. That's a very fine--and very healthy--thing indeed! Huge congratulations to it all--to the writing, to the pin-up competition, to the positivity. And, most of all, to the health. I'm glad your better!

The Book Florist said...

Wow! About half of those are on my wish-to-do list! That sounds absolutely amazing. Congratulations to you and good on you for jumping out there and doing such awesome things. It sounds so fun!

aki! said...

This is a very good list. It's specific... and somehow makes me happy for you and recognize the good things in my life.