Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sometimes the silliest things are what we need the most

I have never thought to promote any products on this blog, mainly because there are so many amazing bloggers out there finding so many amazing things. I could never keep up! But the 2011 Loveliness Planner by The Bright Side* is so wonderful that I cannot help but sing it’s praises. My super cute friend Megan got it for me in England, and it is one of my favourite possessions.

It has list of lovely things to do each month. And while I’m in a different hemisphere, so some of it makes no sense (as much as I would like to have a snowball fight right now, it is hard to do in 30 degree heat..and even harder to do in Canberra EVER), it is still fun to try. And there is a little ‘lovely thing to do’ for most days, like have a movie marathon, tea date, make the word rabbit the first word you say all day, meet someone new etc.

So of course, me being me, rather than following my own hand written lists that say things like ‘remember to get new contacts’ and ‘start on draft for essay’, I have decided that following this planner is much more fun.

Hence why I got up early on a work day to make pancakes for breakfast this morning. And though I feel sort-of sick right now, and wouldn’t do it again on a weekday, I had so much fun. It was just so great to try something different.

I think that’s why I love the planner so much. I have my own list of boring things I know I have to do eventually, and I have my yearly goals/life goals that I am working towards. And while they’re great and all, they’re not NEW. They were made by me, and so tend to be within my comfort zone. Or are things that deliberately push me out of comfort zone, but are tailored by me, for me.

I guess I just like having a random list of things to do that are new, and weren’t made specifically for me. They’re little things, that aren’t life changing, and won’t help me pass that class or achieve the dreams I have. But they’re little things that make life a little bit brighter. The things we often forget to include because we’re so focused on being ‘better’ and ‘achieving’. We forget to simply LIVE and have FUN. With no purpose. Just because we can. Why not scream ‘rabbit’ on a Monday morning? Why not roll down the biggest hill you can find? Why not dance in the rain, and laugh at bad 80’s movies, and sing to Disney songs? They don’t achieve anything, but boy are they fun.

And sometimes that’s better than crossing off any goals on the little life-list you have tucked away.

*The diary is not available anymore but they have so many other great things!!


Mish Mashh said...

wow thanks so much for sharing i love the idea! and just checked out their website, such inventive stuff definitely gonna use it for gifts in the future! xo

Anait said...

It sounds lovely...thank goodness its not available or I'd be tempted to ditch mine for it!

Jo said...

Why not, indeed! Fun for fun's sake...I love the idea!!

SJ said...

great post.
it's so true, it's easy to cross things off a practical list like 'pick up milk, remember to call so and so' but it's simple, pleasurable things that make life intersting.
thanks for the reminder :)

chels.e. said...

this is such a great idea/gift. i am definately a daily list maker. i have never though of adding purely fun items to check off, it seems like such a great alternative to the routine list items
you're right, life is fun!

Priyanka Banerjee said...

Awesome idea! I always run out of things to do and end up doing something lame like watch tv all day long =/
Maybe I'll try making one of my own too :)

chhipa said...

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Jessica said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I have to hope I'll find that person who makes being in love easy and makes life more fun by that very fact. I really appreciate your words of experience and honesty - and go you for making your own path and doing what is right for you! You're very right that we only have to answer to ourselves, and that's all we should worry over. :)

And on another note, I LOVE this idea of mixing it up and doing something different, just because! It's too true that life is made up of the little things, and if we don't take advantage of them then life will just pass us by. Thanks for the great reminder!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I try to be a list maker but I always fail.

Kimbirdy said...

oh that sounds like such a great idea! i love the one that says "must be filled with fun stuff." i think we should definitely schedule in lots of fun times!

Sara Louise said...

i need something like that right now to brighten things up. I'm stuck in a boring funk and have been forgetting that life should be fun and while planning is good, living in the moment is essential. Going to check out some fun, inspiring little things :-)

Tiq said...

Sounds brilliant. Thanks for sharing this.

I've checked out their site. They have plenty of great stuff there!

And thank you for you comments. That photo cracks me up everytime I see it..haha

Red Boots said...

What a great idea for a planner. It's too easy to get bogged down with the boring but important things, so scheduling in time to do fun and random things would definitely be good for the soul!