Monday, February 21, 2011

Did someone say challenge?

The other day, while I was watching a movie with Joel, I decided to dramatically throw myself on the floor and loudly announce that I was sad. Joel ignored me, much to my displeasure. I sighed loudly and raised my voice (in case he had suffered temporary hearing loss). ‘I SAID, I’m SAD!!!’.

He looked at me unsympathetically.

‘No you’re not’

Me: ‘Yes I am. I'm very sad. I’m sad a lot of time. I might even have depression’

Joel (patiently): ‘No you’re not, and no you don’t’

Me (concedes): ‘Well.. I’m not sad... but I’m feeling AVERAGE’ (throws self face-down on the floor again)

Joel (*sighs, realising that he will not get to watch his movie in peace after all): Kaylia, you are the happiest person I know. BUT you can’t feel happy all the time. It’s not natural. Most people spend a lot of their time feeling average *

Me: And why can't I feel happy all the time?! There's no law against it! *glares*

Joel: (ignores me and gets back to movie)

But seriously, why CAN'T I feel happy all the time?! There is nothing stopping me. Why do we let ourselves get pulled down by things that will be unimportant to us in 5 minutes. We spend so much time worrying about things that would oh so much easier if we didn’t worry about them. Or lamenting our current situation rather than throwing caution to the wind and changing it. Or simply being a teensy bit dramatic about..everything. Life isn’t supposed to be as dramatic, and hard, and roller-coastery (yes it is a made up word, and yes it is awesome) as we make it. And if it is? Well then that's just stupid and I plan on changing it.

And so, this is what I have to say to all of the people in my life who have told me that I can’t be happy all the time because it isn’t ‘realistic’:

* Disclaimer: This is a very loose interpretation of what he said. I can’t remember the particulars at all. BUT that was the general gist of it.

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Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Here's my two cents: I think allowing yourself to feel the vast range of emotions lets your really appreciate when you're happy at a deeper level. I'm generally happy and positive person, but I get down sometimes. I let myself feel it for a few moments, then remind myself of how much awesome stuff there is in my life and move back toward happiness again. I'm looking forward to hearing how this challenge goes for you!

Tiq said...


It’s normal to have our down time once in a while. But to let it take control over our life, it’s no good.
So be in charge, and you’ll be surprised to see that self-control-energy that you actually have within you.

Oh yea, I’m with Brandi, go Kaylia!

Meher S B said...

I keep thinking about this all the time. All the times, I'm sad for no reason, I tend to victimize myself to a great extent. Boyfriend keeps telling me that no normal person would be happy all the time. I'd fail the challenge, but i'm so happy you took one upon yourself. Way to go, Kaylia!

Bonnie said...

Totes agree.
Why can't a person be happy all of the time (or, at least, most of the time)? Challenge accepted, as well. I hate feeling "average." I mean, we all have our average days or even sad days, but I hate that feeling. I like being happy, crazy, goofy ... That's the most fun. :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Krystal said...

i'm with you, i wish i could feel happy all the time!

chels.e. said...

what an excellent challenge!!!

Kimbirdy said...

haha! you're awesome. i love feeling happy, and i even embrace feeling bad. i think all feelings are really beneficial to my being. but feeling blah and average is definitely the worst.