Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happiness Challenge Part II

Wow, two posts in one day... Sorry guys! Guess I have a lot to say :p

I really liked everyone's responses to the happiness challenge post I did yesterday. They were very insightful, and got me thinking...

Maybe I really do need to take on a happiness challenge.

I wrote that post partly in jest, as I do understand that no one can be happy 100% of the time. But also partly because I do want to make that extra effort to be happy, appreciate what I have and share it around. So why not aim for 100%? The worst that can happen is I don't make it, and I am not making it to 100% right now. So why not?

Writing goals and aspirations on this blog makes me much more inclined to do them (so I would also like to add right now that one day I will be President of the World..and a super-hero called Captain Awesome). So when I woke up this morning cursing my alarm and grumpily throwing myself loudly around despite the fact that Joel was sleeping (I am not considerate until a good 2 hours after I wake up..FACT), I remembered the happiness challenge post. So I stopped focusing on the fact that I was tired, and it was a work day, and I have lots of homework to do, and that I just spilled an entire cup of juice down the front of my shirt.

And instead started focusing on the positives.

I am alive, the sun is shining, I live in a lovely apartment with a wonderful boy and two cuddly cats, I get to have muesli for breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY (love love love it), I get to blog at work, my car has not broken down yet, I am lucky to have the opportunity to go to uni and pursue my dreams (just think, in many other countries people don't get to even go to school), and I have many other clothes to change into (I didn't change though, I smell very strongly of oranges right now).

I wouldn't have done this any other day had I not challenged myself to be happy. It would have taken a good two hours at work (fml, lamebook, damn you autocorrect etc.) and a strong cup of tea to snap me out of it.

But all I had to do was say: happiness challenge, remember? And KABLAMO, instant happiness. And it didn't even come in a glass (I'm joking, I'm joking).

So happiness challenge it is. I will document it on this blog (now I have said it, it has to happen, FACT), to keep me motivated. And remind me of it when I feel a little bit under the weather.

So I am starting off by taking the advice of Kim of 'Fill Your Well' and beginning the 29 Day Giving Challenge (you can read all about it on her amazing blog).

What better way to start a happiness challenge than by make others happy?

Would anybody care to join me on this challenge? That would be so fun, we could swap tips and motivate each other!!

DO IT (look at me, motivating you already)



vintch said...

i love this idea! happiness is best shared, and what a beautiful happiness you've found:)

Sara Louise said...

I've found that when I focus on the positive and take ownership for my decisions and actions I'm a much more content person and then that makes my husband and dog happier too, so happiness all around! And that's a good thing :-)

Tiq said...

I love this post Kaylia!!! Thanks for sharing this, it's like pumping in the motivation.


Bonnie said...

I love happiness.
I think the world would be a happier place if everyone tried a little harder.
I say that, but I can actually be a huge bitch.
(Only if you have an ugly fashion sense or an ugly personality.)
Let's make it our goal to make people happy.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

becky said...

Such a good idea and beautiful outlook to have on life---I wish I could do this is as often/more! I look forward to "watching" (in the sense of the blogosphere) your progress with your challenge---I will be supporting you! Lovely post.

P.S --- Thank-you for the well-wishes about my dad! He's doing okay and it isn't anything too serious. He has just had knee surgery but at the age of eighty, any surgery is always a little bit frightening! x

Mimi said...

yay for being happy! :D

<3, Mimi

Morgan I. said...

I am so glad you are challenging! You're right, no one can always be 100% happy, but you can be 100% joyful. Joy is everlasting, happiness is temporary, joy means that in the trials, you can still rejoice. But great I like that you started with I am alive! You're awesome!
have a great night!

Marie said...

Insightful post, stay happy!:D

***** Marie *****

KcomeKarolina said...

cool challange!

xoxo from rome

S said...

Love this post! the challenge is a really good idea!^^


Courtney B said...

I love this idea!! You're so cute :) and so is your blog!
I read a post today and am totally using their idea! For every negative thought, I'll think of 5 positive's! It's so normal to have negative thoughts flit across the mind but they'll happen less and less if I overwhelm my mind with positive :)

Kimbirdy said...

i love your happiness challenge!! i love that just thinking about it was enough to turn things around for you. i get frustrated so easily and it's hard to remember how good i really have it. and i'm so glad the giving challenge spoke to you!! i really loved my experience {although, i'm not going to lie, it was hard sometimes}. good luck with it all and i can't wait to hear more!

Swiss said...

hey i'll do the 29 day challenge with you! even though we are continents away, we can better cover the globe. i'm off to a start. i brought my co-worker a coffee today and she was over the moon happy! yippie. i'm game