Thursday, June 9, 2011

News! I have it!

Argh, so many things to blog about and so little time!!! Which is odd for me, normally I have too much time on my hands. Working in an office for people that don’t understand computers does have its perks.

So: I have news.

But firstly, here are a couple of things from my week that I’m sure I’ll blog about next week...or next month, judging from my track record:

-My crazy yoga instructor that looks and sounds like a gay Arnold Schwarzenegger (I am too ashamed to tell you how I spelled that before I googled it...). His favourite phrase is: “Pain is your friend.” He also enjoys getting us to touch our nipples.

-Winning some absolutely gorgeous earrings from Davinia Hamilton. I finally got around to taking a photo of them but then forgot to email it to myself. Fail. But you will see them soon, I promise!

-Getting a surprise package in the mail from the sweetest blogger in the world.

-We booked our accommodation in Germany for Christmas, can't wait!

-Going camping this weekend. In the snow. With no bathroom. So it will be digging a hole in the ground and no showering kind of camping. Hopefully I will come back with some great stories. Not about anything to do with digging a hole in the ground. That would be disgusting. No one wants to read that.

Now for my news:

*drum roll



Ok the news isn't exciting enough to warrant two drum-rolls, but here we go:


By we, I mean myself and Becky from The Hummingbee (which is an amazing blog by the way. Check it out!)

It’s called The Reading Room (title and blog courtesy of Becky!) and you can join it through either mine or Becky’s profile. Or here. Probably easier.

We have been working on this idea for a few weeks now. We figured that since we all love reading and seem to have similar tastes , why not start up a book club that spans the whole world? Make the most of this wonderful thing called the internet.

So, if you love reading and talking about books with lovely bloggers, join in on the fun!!!

Our first book is ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak, and we’ll begin posting into The Reading Room in the next few days, so keep an eye out if you're interested.

If you have any question, suggestions for books, want to do your own post about the book/any others you have read, or just want to say ‘hi’ (I’ll be excited if you do), then just email me at happylookingkid(at)gmail(dot)com

Have a wonderful weekend!!



SJ said...

yay! i'm in, i think that's a brilliant idea! (and so is touching your nipples during yoga, that makes *complete* sense while you're in some awkward pose!)

and thank you for your lovely comment. i can be VERY sefl deprecating sometimes, i am hopeless at receiving compliments!

AquĆ­ said...

First of all, I LOVE the new look for your page! Really bright and sunny! Second, I think this is a great idea! I would really love to participate. We'll see if I can get myself to the book store this week...

Anonymous said...

Ahh! What a great idea! I'd love to join!

Also, your yoga instructor sounds like the best. Kinda jealous.

Michelle's Style File said...

Sounds great! I'll be sure to check it out : )


demie said...

all this is actually very exciting )oth for you AND for us others- i am goimg to cheque out your new blog : )

Ms. Chapatti said...

count me in!! its sounds like a brilliant idea
and the camping sounds soo much fun have a great trip

Krystal said...

you are so fun, I love your energy for everything!! and germany is exciting!!! where are you going?

becky said...


ellie's desk said...

Oh how fun! Camping, a silly yoga a book club. Good for you!

Pia said...

I love the online book club idea! I am definitely in!
And where in Germany are you going??

keishua said...

Arnold as a yoga teacher. That must be fun. I am so glad you are doing yoga. Hope it is going well. I confess, I've never touched my nipple in yoga. Elsewhere but never there.
The book club sounds fun. I might try and check it out.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm excited for you! & the book club. Wow, about a package from someone too. This post made me smile.

Brissa said...

your instructor sounds creepy but hilarious at the same time! please do us a favor and find a way to record video or audio and take a picture of him for us.

what a brilliant idea to have a book club online! i would definitely like to play!

amy b.s. said...

sounds like there's a lot of amazing and fun things going on. good luck camping! it's always an adventure when your accomodations are like that.

Alex said...

Oh this is exciting!! I might have to join this party.
P.S. I cracked up about gay Arnold Schw...I'm not even gonna try to spell it and I'm too lazy to google :)

~BB~ said...

How exciting about the book club!! I might have to look into that... And have fun camping - though in the snow! Sheesh - you're brave!

emilia. said...

Thanks for always leaving super awesome comments on my blog. I feel like we're friends even though you live on the other side of the planet.


Summer Athena said...

i wish i had time to read. i will pass this along to my friends, for sure. and germany! eeeek.

Bonnie said...

Online book club??!?! I LOVE IT.
Also, your yoga instructor sounds totally awesome. I think he is my kind of dude.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Indigo said...

Omg, I've been meaning to read 'the Book Thief' for ages, I've heard so much good stuff about it! I'll definitely try to get my hands on it this week!

Ashley said...

Wow, that's all great news! Maybe with the exception of your yoga instructor:)

I really want to go to Germany; I hope you post lots of beautiful pics down the line:)

And congratulations on the book club! xx

Anna said...

gay Arnold Schwarzenegger .... i snorted so hard as this.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, i could barely get past the yoga instructor and nipple comment because i was laughing so hard!

Chelsea Lane said...

how exciting!!! ha your yoga teacher made me laugh a zillion times over.


kimbirdy said...

book clubs are so fun! i hope this goes on for a while, because i would love to be a part of it after i get settled into my job. maybe i'll catch you on the next book.

Victoria said...

hahahha I would wanna see your yoga instructor ! hahaha LOL

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

A book club, you say? Well, now that certainly sounds like a lot of fun to me, though I'm not sure if I'll be able to participate for the first book (I'll likely be road tripping and all). And you made me blush with your sweet words about me. I'm so thrilled you like the bag. And your yoga teacher creeps me out. Big time. I'd probably end up saying something in class.

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend, my dear!

Jo said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!
The Book Thief is AMAZING!!

Jessica Lynn said...

I'm excited to hear more about this yoga instructor. pain is always good, right?

also great choice on the book-I loved The Book Thief.